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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:05 pm

LOYO Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct
  • No personal attacks.
  • The Golden Rule: If you do not want it said to you, you shouldn't say it to others. Basically, if you can't take it back, don't dish it out.
  • Swearing, cursing or other considered "course language" is acceptable. I do not believe in the idea of "bad" words because they are all ways of communication. I do not censor free speech, as long as it's not culturally offensive.
  • If you get a PM or IM from another member, don't be a douche. At least let him know if you got it, even if you're not interested. Don't just ignore the message.

League Registration

Amateur Draft
  • The amateur draft time will be voted on by the league. Options will be determined by the availability of the person running the draft.
  • The amateur draft will be held live in the league chatbox.
  • Two minutes per pick.
  • Draft lists are allowed and must be submitted to the Commish. If you do not submit a draft list and do not attend the draft, you will be given the player with the highest scouting score.
  • Draft pick trading IS NOT allowed but drafted players MAY be traded in the year they were drafted.

Buyouts and Releases
  • One thread per team. To release players, just create a new post in that thread.
  • You must give the position and name of each player.
  • Buyouts are 50% of the remaining value of the player's contract.
  • You must have the cash on hand to buyout the player's contract.

  • Teams who have a negative amount of cash and/or have a payroll higher than their budget without the cash to cover the difference will be placed on a one year probational period. If they have not fixed their money situation in that one year will replaced.

Free Agency
  • Bids must be in increments of 100k.
  • Free Agents are locked after 24 hours have passed since the last bid.
  • Bids may not be retracted.
  • Team and player options are not allowed.
  • Teams in debt may not bid on free agents without receiving approval from their league president. You must discuss with them about what players you're interested in and your offer limit for each player. If you do not do this or follow what you and your president decide on, you will be at risk for removal.

Free Agency - Minimum Bids
  • 1-2 yrs --- $600,000
  • 3 yrs ------ $1,000,000
  • 4 yrs ------ $2,000,000
  • 5 yrs ------ $4,000,000
  • 6-7 yrs --- $6,000,000

Free Agency - Compensation
  • Free agents worthy of compensation will be determined by the commissioner and the league presidents.
  • Arbitration players are allowed to receive compensation.
  • You may only sign one Type A free agent and one Type B free agent.
  • If a Type A free agent is signed, that team forfeits their 1st round pick. (If they have one of the top 10 picks, they will lose their 2nd round pick)
  • If a Type B free agent is signed, that team forfeits their 2nd round pick. (If they lost their 2nd round pick for their Type A, they will lose their 3rd round pick instead.)

League Activity
  • We will have three league check-ins per season: Amateur Draft, Trade Deadline, Offseason.
  • If you will be gone for more than three days, you must submit a Leave of Absence. (This will also clear you for check-ins.)
  • The need for replacing a team will be based of these things as well as reputation and up to the staff's discretion.

League Sim
  • Sim schedule is still being determined.
  • Sim times are still being determined.
  • The sim calendar schedule will be posted on the league calendar.
  • All sims will be held live in the league chatbox.
  • Lineup changes mid-sim will be allowed as long as all players involved are currently at the ML level or on the bench.
  • Any other changed will be allowed at the simmer's discretion. Simmers reserve the right to decide your change takes too much time or is too elaborate or complicated.

  • Resignings are not allowed during the month of April.
  • Players may not sign for more than four years in their first contract
  • Players must go through two years of arbitration before they can sign a long-term deal. They may skip the third year of arbitration.

Revenue Sharing
  • LOYO will use the MLB system.
  • 31% of all team revenue will be subtracted and then put into the LOYO revenue sharing pot.
  • That revenue sharing pot will then be divided evenly among the teams in the league.
  • Revenue sharing money will be dispersed at the end of the season.
  • The revenue sharing spreadsheet has been attached to these rules.

  • No draft pick trading.
  • Players drafted MAY be traded in their first year.
  • The following information MUST be posted for a pending trade to be valid: Name, Overall/Peak, Age, Contract info. Also, all involved teams must accept the trade AND give an explanation of the trade and how it helps them.
  • Trades must be unanimously vetoed by the Commish and both League Presidents and one of the vetoes must provide information as to how the trade can be fixed. If this isn't done, the trade will go through.
  • NTC's may be bought out in the first year of LOYO at a rate of 50% of the remaining contract, including options. After the first year, NTC's may not be bought out.

    GM-less teams may be traded with and here are the rules regarding that...

  • All negotiations with empty teams are done with me on AIM. You may PM me offers but we will have to discuss it on AIM before it's agreed to.
  • You may try to trade for both major league players and specs.
  • The GM-less teams must be receiving mostly productive major leaguers in the trade. Specs will only be allowed to top off a deal to make it even.
  • The amount of contract the GM-less team is taking on IS considered in negotiations.
LOYO Revenue Sharing.xls
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Rules and Regulations
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